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To be an association for all Christian organizations with love and meaningful relationship.

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To be an initiator for training,workshops,consultations and conferences in new avenues.

To disseminate information for mobilizing prayers and creating awareness on mission issues.

To connect people in churches and missions both locally and globally.

To empower missions in caring for people involved in their ministry.

To present a united stand before the public and the government for the cause of missions for Jesus Christ.

To astablish mutual accountability in ministry,leadership and management practice.

To serve the hungry and needy children,widows and orphans for Jesus Christ.




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To endeavor to be a model of well character,To be accountable and transparent,To encourage formation of national and multicultural teams,To advocate excellence in ministry performance.

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Deuteronomy 28:12-13

The Lord will open the heavens,the storehouse of His bounty to send rain on your land in the season and to bless all the work of your hands.You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none.The Lord will make you the head,not the tail.

He is Risen , Happy Easter

Greetings in the mighty Name of Jesus

It's such a Joy once again meeting you all in this news letter

God is so faithful what He has done in the beginning of the months of 2012

By the Grace of God I was able to travel to different states of India preaching and bringing Revival in the Church and doing healing Crusades and Pastors fire conference at different States of India

I started a ministry this year at Bangalore by  a learning session

With Dr.John Paul Jackson about dream interpretation the conference was a blessing to me.I was able to learn many things about dream interpretation , there was a healing service held by and through them in the evening.Preacher Will was telling about his beginning experience how he got saved when he was a gangster and during the time of his drug selling , he quoted a verse and his personnel experience and I went to meet Evangelist Reinhard Boonke for the importation how he met me in the airport and prayed at the airport in Florida , on the way to the terminal later he saw his flight was there waiting for him 20 min.

Rom 1:11 For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift, to the end ye may be established;

Then I and my friend came back to the Hotel I asked the receptionist (my room no 111) my friend who booked the hotel Rom.1:11 confirmation , I got the importation at the conference Dr. John Paul Jackson , Prayed for me and after that in the coming week we had 3 days of Healing Crusades and one day a Pastors Fire Conference at Bangalore .

It was such a blessing people received healing , deaf , heard miracles happen, one of the things that amazed me I had to preach on the Sunday for 2 services at different Church's, I preached a strong prophetical message at the First Church in the morning the glory of God was so strong , people were really blessed and moved with a great joy , 2nd service after preaching the Pastor of the Church came and told me to pray I prayed for his Sis, well he told me to pray for her husband , he told me he had left the house he is not living with her and her children.The kids are really suffering , you know I prayed for Bro. Ruben , and said he is coming back , well at that evening Ps. Isaac , came to the 3rd day meeting then went back to my Hotel , in the night he called me and said pastor thank you , Bro. Ruben is back home , I prayed for Ruben on the phone ,Thank you Jesus, the 3 days evening healing service was a blessing.

And in the Fire conference for pastor , I gave an 8 point message on people, why missions fail , they are encouraged and they  learned the leadership influence,well after that some pastors came and shared their personnel things and I prayed for them and they shared their problems and needs , I encouraged them.After I came back to Chennai,my home town I then went to Punjab, its in the India Pakistan Border ,then back to Ferozpur , Punjab had 2 days of convention.It was really a big blessing.

Many People from different places came to the 2 day healing Crusade.Praise God for the miracles I was able to see the miracle of  people testifying at previous times when I was in that city and villages , one young girl came to me for prayer now I am convinced , last time she prayed for a baby waiting for years , and the boy who was crippled got operated on and I saw her perfectly walking and many testimonies.. I can see in the 2 day crusade really the prophetical word about the future of the Punjab and development , also there is going to be peace in both the country of India and Pakistan , also the border gate will be open and you will go and meet friends and relationships over in India and Pakistan , recent media news I could be able to watch the gates open and some are able to see their family has moved.

God is doing great things in Punjab also this year there is going to be great revival , also the punjabie community of people around the world they will invest more in days to come , in Punjab also they will visit more then anytime in the following year toward punjab , many will go to different countries for work and studies compared to the previous years to the other countries.

On the way I came back to Delhi , I made a big prayer walk , towards the parlimental road, prayed and declared a prophetical word , Salvation over all the Government leaders , India for Jesus!

In the Month of March Praise God almighty I was able to visit Nepal and North East of India , North Bengal , Darjeeling Districts ,

Nepal Ministry was so powerful we had a 2 day revival service at Jhapa Districts and we had 3 outreach meetings at different villages ,

In Nepal Saturday was a holiday for them , we had a good service , people received healing's and the Holy Ghost Joy anointing, they were healed of many kinds of sicknesses all the glory to Him!!!

Then Sunday we were walking in different places and we done the outreach meetings people are so hungry and thirsty for God , I seen some of the high Class community people they call them they are more devoted to Hindu religions , they were all participating and accepted Jesus Christ as their personnel Saviour!

In one Village the name is called Surunga , where the worship team was singing the songs during the evening time as the School time was over the Children came towards the road side watching the singing they came near to the place standing and watching , there was also a teacher of the School there ., I started to preach in a simple way , and taught  the song God is so good , with action you know everybody learned that song , later I asked them to give their life to God , I told them the salvation prayer everybody repeated it and gave their life to Jesus, later I prayed for everyone laying my hands on them.

The teacher of the school was surprised he thought they will not , God moved wonderfully in that way
and I prayed for the sick people they received the healing also a deaf old lady got instant healing , all the glory to HIM! Later many miles we walked and reached the Church destiny we had a great gathering though there is no electrical power , God moved in a mighty way the power of God was so strong many people first time they were filled by the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues , people are screaming and crying out to God , later the spirit God lead me to call 3 particular people to the front I said you are going to received strong anointing , then you will be going out and doing miracle and prophetical ministry what happen I not even lay my hand on them they were thrown back suddenly the power of God was strong and they were tears and joyful laugh.

After the meeting get over I came to know a message that 3 days struck by the opposition party there will not be any transport , I have to go back to India , Siliguri , 7th of March I have Pastors and Leadership conference, I was thinking , then Pastor S.Rai said do not worry Sir., I will take you by our 2 wheeler you know 3 in a Motor Bike and 2 in a Motor Bike, on way , what happen my bike got stuck 2 times later I told that young boy please check it out , he said no petrol , then I was standing alone in a by pass road it going toward Katmandu capital of Nepal the other friends were some what distance my mobile phone is not working he also not having the mobile phone , I was praying , then some one came towards he stopped the motor bike asked me money and went and brought the petrol oh I came back to Boarder of India.

Pray for Nepal we are preparing a Couple for ministry , planning to send them this year to Bible College.

Then I came back to Siliguri , had a great ministry for one week, at Different places, God open doors to preach among the Missionaries ( Blessing Youth Mission) when I was school student I attended the youth conference now praise God I am able to encourage the missionaries “ mission exits and worship does it “ go in to the field and be able to hear and see the people , Salvation and Baptism ,

The pastors Conference was blessed pastors from different churches came and encouraged  we prayed together had a good lunch together its a blessing to all , later I could hear from them we are encouraged we will see change Thank you I could hear from them.

We went to Darjeeling one of the highest mountain in India , just like a prayer walk and visiting , on the way we could able to see some people , well the interesting thing is , when I was with my friends at Zoological parks tourist from England on the way Bhutan to Darjeeling they came to Visit the park I asked them were are from , which country one sister told well we are from England I asked later which church do you worship she said I am now participating Buddhist teaching I said you people from the west as a missionaries spread the gospel to India, I was encouraging her suddenly I saw tears on her then another lady and a man her friends were standing and listing my conversion I asked her you from she said I am from Church of England I said praise the Lord , Hallaluia she also said Amen Hallaluia God able to share the personnel Evangelism to many International tourist on the Zoological park , this mount located on the side of the Eastern Himalayas

The Sunday Service was so power at Siliguri, West Bengal people were able to feel the strong presence of God and a importation service was held.

First time I had traveled to North India , Silguri 2008 June , never before in a church have they gave me an offering , first time in the History of  my ministry that a Church took up an offering from the congregation.

I opened the cover after I came back from the church I saw Rupee . 1543 ( nearly 32 US $) Wow I thanked God , then its time for harvest , because I sowed lot of seeds in North India , I see change they said we want to be blessing, for that we are doing for you , I was so happy , Praise the Lord we had a good ministry and came back from Siliguri 1 day and 2 nights then we traveled to Chennai.Then I had 2 days of Healing and Deliverance Festivals , Crusade 18,19 at Hyderabad , Andra Pradesh

I thought I won't be there at time, because I missed my train, when I check the time I though I will not be taking Chaminar Express, later I understand , why it happen I could able to pray for a Police officer I was in a Vijaywada station by 2.30am then I took another train by 4 am I reached at 10.30am people are waiting I started to come to church by 11.30 am up to the service went My God great miracle in the Sunday service , people are so hunger , in the morning many received healing , and received the anointing of the Holy Spirit there was young boy who was deaf , when the Pastor calls every time to clean the church ground or any job very hard because of lackingness of hearing on the Sunday Service God opened his deafness of the young boy and in the Evening the healing revival and Deliverance service was so pleasant people came from different places , the healing presence was so strong .

Many people received healing's also I prayed for a lady for a child, she is so happy and faith again was activated on her I said you will have a baby her name is Esther the second day she invited and honored us and gave good food to us, I saw joy in the family and faith started again many people are on way smiling and joy , People from back pain , I did not understand the language with tears on the 2nd days service they testified many miracle

Praise God for Missionary Rita from the USA , who joined with me on the 2nd night Evening Service , it was a surprise to her and to me after seeing the move of the Holy Spirit and healing's she was so happy she also sent me a text that her pain of Arthritis is totally gone from her body , She is my Face Book Friend I was happy what the Lord has done!!!

God answered the prayer of the people, They told to me we were watching miracles on the T V about different preachers , we prayed like this, Lord bring a man of God to our church like this , Jesus has answered our prayer ,

First time many people gave their life to Jesus , Like High Caste people gave their life to Jesus , before leaving there one pastor brought his house owner , to pray for his son that time I prayed for that boy and told the salvation prayer they gave there life to God , that time a lady a day before first time came to the church in her life gave his life to God she shared about Jesus to this family I made me amazing , Thank you Jesus for the Revival , also a Muslim Sis., asked me to pray I want to do more ministry for Jesus all the glory to HIM

Also I had a leadership meeting . small gather able to encouraged them on Evangelism then I left back to Chennai

God almighty is opening doors in many places all over the world , Pray for us and the needs as we complete the tasks God has given us.

Your brother

Serving the Greatest Master Jesus

Prakash Daniel

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